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The Hidden Details Matter Most

Any day can become an unexpected adventure, so the EST Collection of bags and carry accessories looks great and has hidden depths of functionality that would make any international secret agent proud.

Whether you are jetsetting, commuting, escaping or daydreaming of those things, the EST Collection ensures you always have a secret to hide, and someplace special to hide it.

We create products that excel in their categories and bring something unique to the market.

We care about:

  • Cutting Edge Materials
  • Design Innovation
  • Hidden Features
  • Modularity & Interconnection
  • Being Prepared for the Unexpected
  • U.S. Production Whenever Possible

Most EST Collection products are launched through crowdfunding to gauge interest and maintain efficiency of production.  We operate the same way we design: minimally.

Based in New Haven, CT and inspired by New York, Montreal, Noda City Japan, Santorini, Reykjavik and their underworlds.