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The EST Collection designs and creates bags with James Bond-worthy features for everyday carry and travel, that let you tinker with the organization and accessories.

What is The EST Collection?

The Idea Behind the EST Collection

Before e-commerce became a major industry, I was a designer.  Furniture, tools, apparel, environments and even some work on NYFW fashion shows.  As the digital world became bigger, it was a natural draw and I discovered I was pretty good at marketing and selling...

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Why Crowdfunding Makes Sense for Established Brands

Many well-established brands have access to R&D and production capital, market research and a vast network of expert advisors, so the idea of creating a crowdfunding campaign seems like an unnecessary step.  What they’re missing is that crowdfunding is as much a...

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Our Background as FIXER Group

The EST Collection is an experimental (but real) online store and brand where we document growth from day 1 to success, and share how what we learn can be applied to your online business whether you are brand new or well-established. FIXER Group (the creative force...

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The ABCs of Crowdfunding

Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

RUNNING A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN With all the effort that goes into prepping a crowdfunding campaign, the launch day can feel like a finish line.  It's not.  This is where you need to apply even more effort, and apply it in the right ways. The Most Important Hours The...

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Pricing Your Project For Kickstarter

PRICING YOUR PROJECT FOR KS Setting a goal is important for your overall project health, but setting the pricing for each reward tier is the mechanism by which you either achieve your goal or not. If your product is up for $5 on KS it will take far more backers (or...

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CREATING A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: Goal and Timeline These are the two most critical parts of a campaign if only because they CANNOT be changed once you launch. Goal The goal is the minimum amount needed for your campaign to move forward and collect money from your...

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How close does my prototype need to be for Kickstarter?

How close does my prototype need to be for Kickstarter? Earlier in the days of crowdfunding there were a lot of problems with delivered projects being FAR off from what was promised.  This led to the addition of some regulations on Kickstarter, such as that you must...

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How much does it cost to launch a product on Kickstarter?

How much does it cost to launch a product on KS? TL;DR - The more skills you have at writing/photos/video and the bigger your pre-built audience, the less it will cost to launch a campaign.  Assuming a $10K goal with a small pre-built audience… you need $2K-2,500 for...

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How long does it take to launch a Kickstarter?

How long does it take to launch a Kickstarter? This is a bit of a trick question since there are so many factors involved, but here is the formula: Time to have a working prototype in hand + time to create your campaign materials + any extra time to build audience...

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Which Crowdfunding Platform Should I Use?

Short answer: Kickstarter. Slightly longer answer: Use Kickstarter. Moderately longer answer: Use Kickstarter unless you have specific requirements that make Indiegogo the better choice. If you are an established brand or want to be on the path to be an established...

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Crowdfunding is 90% Preparation

Actually, we may be wrong.  It might be 95% preparation.  Not exaggerating. I’ve been approached by potential clients who have launched a campaign, are nowhere near their goal and need help.  I like to rise to a challenge, but at that point it’s like deciding to quit...

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The EST Approach

I’m not afraid of our campaign failing… I’m afraid of it not succeeding to its full potential. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is like cutting hair: it isn’t hard to do, but it is very hard to do it well.  You may be able to move your fingers to work the scissors,...

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From Crowdfunding to E-Commerce

From Crowdfunding to E-commerce and Beyond

There are some creators who just want to see their dream of a product come to life.  I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but in most cases those creators are selling themselves short.  Don't they think they may have other visions and dreams and ideas in...

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