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The EST Collection is an experimental (but real) online store and brand where we document growth from day 1 to success, and share how what we learn can be applied to your online business whether you are brand new or well-established.

FIXER Group (the creative force behind The EST Collection) is an e-commerce and digital marketing consulting company.  We work with amazing brands in the jewelry, everyday carry and apparel industries (amongst others) to help those brands grow and sell more of their products online.  If you know you need e-commerce help, but don’t know exactly who you need… you need FIXER Group.

While we have advised new companies to get them selling online, most of our clients are already well-established.  The issues that new companies need to deal with can be significantly different from established brands (at least until some momentum is built).  And that’s where The EST Collection comes in.

The EST Collection is a REAL brand.  It’s an online store.  It is a designer and developer and distributor of products.  We go through all of the pains of starting an online store from scratch, and documenting each step along the way.  Many of the lessons can apply to online businesses at any stage… even well-established online stores that are looking to get to the next level.