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Before e-commerce became a major industry, I was a designer.  Furniture, tools, apparel, environments and even some work on NYFW fashion shows.  As the digital world became bigger, it was a natural draw and I discovered I was pretty good at marketing and selling online what I designed for the brands that hired me.  A few leaps forward, and e-commerce consulting is my primary business.

On one level, The EST Collection is an excuse to inject an activity I’m passionate about into my work life.  On another level, it’s an opportunity to “be the client” and to make some shoes for the cobbler’s kids.  Ultimately, it’s a documenting of all the steps that take someone from an idea to e-commerce success, and then building on that success to develop a sustainable business.

The EST Collection designs and creates bags with James Bond-worthy features for everyday carry and travel, that let you tinker with the organization and accessories.

From the exterior, they are sleek and stylish (though intentionally NOT eye-catching), and their entire world is in the interior.  Hidden compartments.  One-hand access.  Multiple attachment points.  Safety features.  Obsessive-level organization.  Intense customization options.

Each major product launch will be initiated through crowdfunding and move onto an e-commerce platform for continued sales.  Through the process of design, prototyping, marketing and launch, we will document lessons and steps as a case study for following a similar path whether you are a startup or an established brand.