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How long does it take to launch a Kickstarter?

This is a bit of a trick question since there are so many factors involved, but here is the formula:

Time to have a working prototype in hand + time to create your campaign materials + any extra time to build audience that is required = time to launch a Kickstarter

Useful?  Nope.  Here’s the answer you are looking for: at least 3 months.

If your product is complex add more time.  If you have no pre-built audience add more time.

Creating the video, photos and copy can be done in a few days.  Refining them may take a few more.  If you have a strong emphasis on video and photos (and a budget to match), it could be a few weeks instead of days.

Is it possible to churn out a successful campaign in a week?  I would bet it is, but for all the work that goes into crafting a campaign you want to maximize your earnings.  Pre-building an audience is one of the activities that justifies delaying the launch of your campaign (within reason) since it contributes directly to your bottom line. 

Don’t get caught in an endless spin cycle of refinement and perfecting, but don’t rush it out the door.

It’s like going to one of those “eyeglasses in an hour” stores.  It’s great to have them in an hour, but only if they’re done right.  Wait an extra five minutes so you can see clearly?  Yep, it’s worth the wait.